Is getting a solar generator worth it?

Generating your own energy by harnessing solar power is an excellent way to minimize your energy costs and be prepared for emergencies such as power outages. A solar generator is a generator that, when connected to a solar panel, charges and stores electric energy. That energy can later be used to power any appliances at your home.

Solar generators are a newer counterpart to a traditional gas generator that many people use, or used to use, to be able to produce their own electric power with gas during emergencies. However, storing gas at home is a potential fire hazard so no wonder that solar generators are surging in popularity right now. They use a renewable energy source so you don’t have to spend additional money on gas to have it charged and ready to use.

Most solar generators are lightweight and relatively portable. This means they can be set up anywhere there is a sunlight source. They are ideal to take with you during outdoor excursions, such as camping or traveling in an RV. Being able to generate your own electricity anywhere gives a newfound sense of freedom and allows you to use your electronic devices no matter where you are. After all, as much as we might like being surrounded by nature, it can be quite dangerous to go camping with a dead smartphone and not being able to call anyone in an emergency.

Patriot Power Generator

One of the most well-known solar power generators come from an American maker called Patriot. Patriot specializes in items essential to being prepared for any emergency. They also sell solar power banks, water filtration systems, survival food kits, and various tools, such as knives or flashlights. They are the go-to expert on preparedness.

Their staple solar power generator is Patriot Power Generator 1500, the best-selling power generator on the market. This solar power generator can be fully charged during one full day (although the results can be different depending on the weather conditions). It can also be charged through a regular AC outlet if you want to have it charged as quickly as possible. This will usually take around three hours.

The 1500 in the name refers to power output capability which is 1500W. Any number of devices can be plugged into the generator as long as their overall power doesn’t exceed 1500W.

The Patriot Power Generator 1500 can hold charge for up to 1 year which is longer than most power generators available. This means that if you use your power generator only as a backup for emergencies then you can just charge it for a few days per year and then put it back in the garage where it can wait for any emergency to happen.

Or, if you prefer, you can keep it outside all the time. The Patriot Power Generator 1500 is equipped with protection against overcharging so once it reaches its full capacity, the generator stops charging. In this case, however, remember to keep the generator itself inside to protect it from rain.

A solar power generator is an eco-friendly way of storing electricity and can save your life in case any emergency happens so it is definitely worth investing in one.

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