Legislation of the Czech Republic

Read our articles on Czech Republic’s legislation. They bring all the essential information on how legislation is created and on the legal regulations governing the various fields (civil law, commercial law, entrepreneurship...).

Translations of laws

We bring machine translations of selected Czech Republic’s laws. In the Czech Republic, laws are officially published in the Czech language only. For foreigners this often represents an insurmountable obstacle to gaining understanding of the Czech legal environment, which is why we bring you a selection of some of the key laws, regulations and international agreements translated into a number of languages. Read more about machine translations of laws.

Taxes & Accountancy

Every country will sooner or later require of us to keep records of our incomes and to pay taxes. Much of our attention is dedicated to this topic. In our articles we focus on some specific features, such as the fact that while value-added tax is in accordance with VAT regulations of the European Union, income taxes are regulated by a law that is somewhat peculiar and chaotic.

International treaties

Czech Republic is a member state of the European Union; EU’s regulations and directives enjoy the status of international agreements. However, many areas are not regulated by the EU. We bring you information on treaties on the avoidance of double taxation between CR and other countries.

General information about the Czech Republic

Where is the Czech Republic located and who are its inhabitants? Well, you probably know that… nonetheless, we bring you a summary of the essential information including links to the website of key institutions. Most of these institutions offer English-language versions of their websites.

Entrepreneurial activities in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic boasts a developed infrastructure for enterprise – transport, IT services, legal services. On the other hand, it also has a number of drawbacks. We also focus on these in our articles.

Amendments to commercial and civil law

In 2014 brand new enactments regulating civil and commercial law enter into force. These constitute major change both formally (newly formulated legislation) and factually. We deal with this issue in a separate article and bring you translations of both the old and the new laws.

Legal and other services

Lawyers, attorneys, notaries, auditors, tax advisers... no matter what activities you focus on in the Czech Republic, you will avail of the services listed above. It is advisable to be aware of their status and powers. We offer several articles on this topic.

Czech Republic Back Scratching Services

Yes you read that right, a complimentary gift from our cabinet includes (as a symbolic gift) back scratchers.